Jerry Gietka - Actor, Director, Producer, Writer, Trainer, Consultant
 Available for public speaking, host/MC
(Master of Ceremonies), voiceovers, commercials, industrials, training and workshops.  Currently non-union with up to date passport and free to travel.
See my latest workshop, "Four stages to getting on stage", shows you that you have everything that you need to get up there and have some fun, acting with a community theatre group.
I would love to present  my "Auditioning for Community Theatre" workshop to your organization. Or I can design and create additional new workshops for you. 
TATFILB  To All the Friends I've Loved Before. Take a look at the  pictures which can be found on the  Slide Show page. You just might be there.
Height: 5'7"      
Weight: 210        
Age Range:  55 to 75
Non Union
Eyes: Brown    
Hair: Grey/whatever color you want  
Facial Hair:  Available on Demand
BA   (Bachelor of Arts English)
Retired from Government Service and from teaching at the University of Maryland University College Graduate School of Management and Engineering.
Musicals/ Interactive Theater/ Murder Mysteries/ Dinner Theatre
Beauty and the Beast   Jim Hartzell                 Maurice                 Possum Point Players
Various                           Nancy Mikkelson        Various                 Ovation Dinner Theatre
Here's Love                    Jim Hartzell                 R H Macy               Possum Point Players
Something's Afoot        Ryan Grabowski          Dr Grayburn           CMDPAC
Annie                              Steve Napp                  Drake                     Charm City Players
Fiddler on the Roof       Heidi Toll                     Rabbi                      Miracle Players
Sunset Boulevard         Eric Potter                    Cecil B. DeMille    Cockpit in Court
Rt 66                               Mike Franchetti           Michael                  KayCee Players
Singing in the Rain        James Hunnicutt             Rod                             Cockpit in Court
Oklahoma                       Helen Grigal                Ali Hakim               Oregon Ridge Dinner Theatre
Fiddler on the Roof       Tina DeSimone            Rabbi                     Toby’s Dinner Theatre
Sound of Music              Toby Orenstein             Franz                    Toby’s Dinner Theatre
Ragtime                          Shirley Dunlap            Grandfather            Morgan University
Tony & Tina Wedding   Joseph Senatore       Fr. Mark                   Timonium Dinner Theatre
Into the Woods              John Amato            Narrator/Mysterious   Dundalk Comm Theatre
White Christmas           Arnie  Lindquist           Phil Davis                Senior Star Productions
1776                                 Todd Starkey             Witherspoon           Cockpit in Court
Suicide Squeeze            Andre Foster               Helmit                     Blair Mansion Mysteries
Death takes a Holiday  Andre Foster               Edward                    Blair Mansion Mysteries
Y2Kill                              Andre Foster                Dana                        Blair Mansion Mysteries

Comedy & Drama           Director                Character             Theater 
Rumors                                    Jocelyn Taylor                        Ernie                 Woodbrook Players
Daddy's Dying                        Jason Crawford Samios-Uy   Daddy                Just Off Broadway    
Much Ado About Nothing      Shirley Dunlap                         Friar Francis          Morgan University
Laughter on the 23rd Floor  Jerry Gietka                             Max Prince             KayCee Players
Murder by Misadventure      John Degnan                      Harold Kent         Bowie Community Theatre
The Nightingale                     Moses Goldberg                      Chen Li      Pumpkin Children's Theatre 
Glengarry Glen Ross             Wayne Nicolosi                    Shelley Levine           Capital Fringe Fest 
The Butler Did It                    Don Wesley                          Peter Flimsey             Phoenix Players
The Best Man                         Mark Squirek                      President                  Mobtown  Players 
Proposals                               Jerry Gietka                         Father              Bowie Community Theatre
4 Queens No Trump              Randolph Smith                   Jefferson                    Arena Players 
The Waiting Room                Linda Bartash                       Doctor                    Laurel Mill Playhouse      
Blithe Spirit                           Julie Lewis                            Charles           Dundalk Community Theater
Room Service                       Charles Maloney                   Wagner                2nd Star Productions 
Partners BPF Best Production  Sharon Weaver          Sammy Waldman                FPCT 
April’s Fools                          Char James-Duguid         Cardigan              Washington Shakespeare Co.
Inherit the Wind                     Mark Tyler                              Brady              Pasadena Theatre Company
Primary English Class         Lenora Dernoga                    Frenchman            Laurel Mill Playhouse
Mousetrap                            James Fasching                    Colonel                    Cockpit in Court
Art                                          Roman Gusso                        Serge                      Laurel Mill Playhouse
Return to Albion                    Noel Schively   Venetian Ambassador  Chesapeake Arts Center BPF
Diary of Anne Frank             Joe Senatore                    Otto Frank               Alumni Theatre Company
Arsenic and Old Lace          Mitch Nathan                       Various                  Timonium Dinner Theatre
Anybody for Murder               Dan Murphy                             Max                  British Embassy Players   
Why Do Men Have Nipples   Winifred Walsh                     Father                          Vagabonds
What the Butler Saw            Randy Barth                 Dr. Prentice             GreenbeltArtsCenter
Sleuth                                     John Amato                 Andrew Wyke       Dundalk Community Theatre 
Cuckoos Nest                        Roman Gusso              Dale Harding                Magical Productions
Rumors                                  Joanna Henry                    Lenny                      Silver Spring Stage
Inspecting Carol                  Harriet Lynn                       Larry                           Spotlighters
My Giddy Aunt                      Mike Moran                       Martin                          Spotlighters
Christmas Carol                   John Amato                 Christmas Past          Dundalk Community Theater
Our Town                               Nan Powichroski             Doc Gibbs                     Cockpit in Court  
Noises Off                              Charles Maloney                     Lloyd              2nd Star Productions
The Gentle Hook                   Robert Gray                 Gerald Waddington      British Embassy Players
Like White on Rice               Miriam Bazensky          Cynical Man                  Spotlighters
Sex Without Pliers                Bob Bardoff                  Raymond Futter           Spotlighters
Murder at the Vicarage        F. Scott Black               Rev. Hawes                  Cockpit in Court
The Dining Room                  John Sadowsky            Various                       Kittamaqundi Theater
Hay Fever                              Ed Harrington                Richard                        Silver Spring Stage
Dracula                                  Mark Steckbeck           Van Helsing                 Theater 7
The Snow Ball                       Barbara Alfaro             Cooper Jones               Silver Spring Stage
Night of January 16th          Patti Restivo                John Chandler             Columbia Players
Berdache                               Cheryl Costa                Fr. Daniel                      Silver Spring Stage
                        Performed at "Monday Night at the the National Theater," WDC and
                        Winner ED-RO-CHAR Award MD Community Theater One Act Festival, 1996
Enter Laughing                      Pat Burgmeister            Roger                          Columbia Players
Witness for the Prosecution    Bob Russell                 Carter                         Columbia Players
She Stoops to Conquer         Lawrence Bory            Sir Charles                   Columbia Players
Film, TV, Radio, Voiceover, Print Work
Title                                Role                                Venue
Day of the Gun                       Doc Milburn                               One-Eyed Horse Productions
Medstar commercial            Alzheimer Patient                     Taylor-Royal Agency
The Amazing Mr. Macy         Mr. Macy                                     Matt MalisProductions
Deadly Sins Promo                Priest (Principal)                       Discovery ID Channel
Happily Never After Promo  Family                                         Discovery ID Channel
Top of the Morning                Host on air Telly Award           Public Access Channel 75 BAL
Dupont Training Film             Manager                                    Hutson Agency
Mold Commercial                   Dr. Mold                                     WBFF Fox 45 BAL
Go RVing                                 Grandparent                    National Print Publicity Campaign RV MFR
Is This Mic On                         Louie (principal)                       Iced Frog Productions for HBO
Ammy                                       Fr. Daniel                           Montgomery County Public Access Cable
Balsam Hem-Roid Prep          Dr. Buddha Commercial & Voiceover      Prime Time Prod
Savannah Sipping Society                                        Ocean Pines Players
The Whole Shebang                                                   Ocean Pines Players
Sex Please We're Sixty                                             Bowie Community Theatre
Laughter on the 23rd Floor                                       KayCee Players
Over the River & Thru the Woods                            The Phoenix Players
Proposals *2 WATCH award Nominations               Bowie Community Theatre
Kosher with Salsa                                                      FPCT BPF
Moon Over Buffalo                                                     Heritage Players    
Dial M for Murder                                                                 Cockpit in Court Summer Theatre  

Special Training, Workshops & Skills: Acting Shakespeare (Deborah Hazlett),On Camera Training(Brenna McDonough),Directing, Improv, Musical Theater, Character Development, Dialects, Stage Combat.  Ballroom Dancing, Playing Dead.   I also look great in my tuxedo and Mercedes Benz.  Link to Auditions WDC area theatres courtesy of SHOWBIZRADIO. 
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